Science of Energy Healing

16 Studies That Proves Energy Healing is Real

“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them” – Galileo Galilei

The Science of Energy Healing

Energy healing gets its fair share of knocks.

“It’s all in your head”

“It’s just the placebo effect”

“Show me the proof!”

And while those familiar with energy healing are already aware of its effectiveness from experience, some people prefer to look at the research to draw their conclusions.

Not a bad strategy at all, problem seem to be that quality research in the area is hard to come by, right?

Well, yes and no. While the science of energy healing really could use additional funding for further research, you’d be surprised to know how many exciting studies that’s already available.

They’re just scattered all over the place!

I’ve chosen to remove a LOT of studies that I found were either too poorly conducted, unreliable, costly or unaccessible through the internet.

Enjoy the wide array of research on the subject. Let’s hope for a continuation of increased effort and publication of even further research!


Energy Healing Improves Range Of Motion In Subjects With Restricted Shoulder Mobility As Effectively As Physical Therapy

Energy Healing Significantly Improves Cortisol Levels In Fatigued Breast Cancer Survivors

Energy Healing Significantly Improves Immune Response And Depression In Cervical Cancer Patients During Chemoradiation

Energy Healing Significantly Impacts A Hormone (307.09%) That May Treat A Whole Range Of Sexual Disorders, Including Erectile Dysfunction

Energy Healing Significantly Improves Wound Healing

Energy Healing Increases Collagen By 60.42% Compared To Control Group

Energy Healing Protects Bones, Heart, Liver, Lungs And Brain Cells Against Oxidative Stress

Energy Healing Significantly Improves Liver Health And Its Functioning

Energy Healing Significantly Decreases Breast Cancer Metastasis In Mice

Energy Healing Significantly Increases Intracellular Calcium In Rats

Energy Healing Significantly Stimulates Proliferation Of Normal Human Cells

Energy Healing Significantly Improves Growth Of Heat-Shocked Bacterial Cultures

Energy Healing Significantly Improves Premenstrual Syndrome (this study is unfortunately not free to access, but may be of high interest to many)

Energy Healing Induces Reproducible Biological Changes

Energy Healing Significantly Reduces Both Acute And Chronic Pain

The Impact Of Energy Healing On Clients With Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain

Know any more quality research that confirms energy healing?

Contact me and let me know and I’ll add it to the list!


If you took the time to read through the studies (yes it took me forever too..) you may be surprised to find just how confirming they are.

Even the most skeptic reader is likely to agree with the idea that at the very least—further research is warranted.

There’s plenty of rigidly controlled studies on the germination of seeds that shows remarkable differences in growth compared to the control and/or sham healed ones.

Unfortunately those studies, along with many more—were only to be found in books.

If you’re further interested in the research of energy healing, I STRONGLY recommend that you check out the book;

The Energy Healing Experiments by Gary E. Schwartz

While at first glance—studies on humans might seem the most interesting, it’s important to remember that neither animals, plants or bacteria can be affected by the Placebo effect—which makes it all the more exciting.

If you’re feeling convinced of the science of energy healing, or maybe just had your interest slightly peaked, why not learn a little bit more about it?

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