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Case Study: Healing Varicose Veins With Energy Healing

“Awareness is the first step in healing” – Dean Ornish

This is a very exciting article to write.

I’ve had a clearly visible varicose vein that’s only gotten progressively worse over the last 14 years.

I work out 6-7 days a week, eat a plant based diet, live in a tropical climate and have minimal stress in my life. Unhealthy habits seem unlikely to be a reason for degeneration.

All preventative and “natural” measures that’s generally recommended to somewhat improve the condition seem to be sufficiently covered.

Accordingly to “Varicose veins that a person has now will not go away unless treated”.

Treatments commonly include:

  • Sclerotherapy (including a chemical to remove the vain)
  • Laser
  • Different types or surgeries

Despite NOTHING having worked to improve the condition over the years, using energy healing did.

While it’s still visible, the difference is remarkable for something that doesn’t self-heal.

I’ll outline exactly how I did it, with pictures from the beginning, middle and end.

The transformation as seen down below took a total of 9 days.

Healing Varicose Veins

Let’s take a deeper look at what Varicose Veins are to understand why this healing is so interesting.

Varicose veins is something that’s estimated to affect 30% of the world’s population at some point in their lives (according to MedlinePlus)

While the cause of it generally range from heredity (inheriting it from your parents) to damage, the result is damaged valves which prevents proper blood flow in the affected veins.

While a normal vein with a functioning valve will make sure that the blood flows in one direction, the damaged valve isn’t able to direct the blood flood in one direction—and instead “leaks in” blood.

The blood pools which results in a dilated and bulging vein that we call a varicose vein.

It’s most common in elderly women (I’m in my late 20’s, I really am!) and becomes more common with age.

While this can be a potentially dangerous due to the risk of blood clots, rupture and ulcers—in the vast majority of cases it’s not.

Most people don’t feel discomfort from it (I never have) and look to treatments for cosmetic reasons.

For our case study it’s very interesting for 2 major reasons:

  1. It doesn’t heal by itself
  2. It’s clearly visible


So, healing varicose veins—how was it accomplished?  I used The Wonder Method which is my favorite and go-to technique.

I dedicated about 15 minutes every morning to opening up and letting in the tension around the varicose vein—allowing it (the tension) to dissolve itself.

Starting off, it looked like this (and has for the past years):

After doing this for 15 minutes everyday, the amount of tension felt started to noticeably ease.

I kept all my routines the same in order to not influence the results in any way.

After 4 days of healing, these were the results:

To my big surprise, there was already a massive noticeable change!

This varicose vein that’d been popping on my leg, and continuously increased in size over the years—was suddenly shrinking, a LOT.

At first I figured it may be placebo—that I’m seeing what I want to see, so I tried everything from hard workouts (1000 jumping jacks, 150 burpees, 200 lunges in a row), but it just wouldn’t swell, like it would in the past.

I tried stretching, no difference.

Then I tried sitting still for long periods of time—same result.

At this point, the edema (that’s the name for the swelling and water retention that often occurs together with varicose veins) was drastically reduced!

As I continued the healing, I noticed that there was less and less tension to be felt.

I instead started dissolving my feelings around not having it heal further—which seemed to make some further progress.

Finally, after 9 days—here are the results:

By far, the biggest results can be seen between the first day and the 4th, whilst the 4th to 9th did improve—it doesn’t appear to be by any drastic margins.


I’m thrilled to have such a visible and clear case to show the effectiveness of energy healing.

While healing varicose veins was deemed an impossible feat (and I can attest my attempts to this as well—not even compression socks would yield 20% of the above results) the results speaks volumes.

While this certainly isn’t any controlled double-blind—it most definitely is a visually appealing case study on the effectiveness and potential of energy healing.

If You Want Rigorously Controlled Studies on Energy Healing, Click Here.

While these sort of “impossible healings” may be everyday occurrences for some—I strongly recommend making convincing healings into case studies to share.

There are many people, skeptical and not-so-skeptical, who could benefit greatly by getting a glimpse of the possibilities of energy healing.

If You Want to Know More About Energy Healing, Click Here.

Happy exploring!

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