energy healing for anxiety

Energy Healing for Anxiety

“Don’t let your mind bully your body into believing it must carry the burden of its worries” – Astrid Aluda

The Invisible Plague

Anxiety is that pestering heavy blanket that sometimes gets laid upon us and won’t go away.

It’s estimated that over 300 million people in the world suffer from anxiety, and the number keeps going up.

It’s currently our most prevalent mental health disorder.

While each and everyone of us tend to get a taste of anxiety—anywhere from performance fright to yucky spiders near the toilet sink— an anxiety disorder is generally characterised by not going away for long periods of time, while negatively affecting your life.

While we could go on and on about possible theories of where it may be coming from, let’s instead skip to the juicy stuff and see what we can do about it.

While there are many viable and effective ways to approach it, this article will address dealing with it from an energy healing perspective.

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We’ll break it down into two parts;

Part 1 – Energy Healing for Anxiety on Ourselves

Part 2 – Energy Healing for Anxiety on Others

Let’s start with keeping our own house clean.

Energy Healing for Anxiety – Part 1

In order to approach our anxiety, we need to understand it. Not mentally or theoretically, but experientially.

“I can clearly feel my anxiety already, why do you think I’m reading this article?!”

You’re absolutely right! But let’s go deeper.

What’s beyond the mental pictures that’s endlessly reeling in your head? Why does one picture provoke such intense and uncomfortable feelings while others—sometimes equally gruesome or worse images—aren’t a problem at all?

It’s fair to assume that it’s because some are emotionally charged and others aren’t. We don’t need to know why, just understand that it’s not the mental images that really seem to be bothersome—though they may not be pleasant to look at.

But that leads to the next question;

How do we know when we’re experiencing an emotion?

It’s easy to take for granted. They’re ever-present and ever-changing. And pleasant from unpleasant are easy to separate.

But let’s go deeper.

If you’re feeling anxious right now, try to understand how you know that you’re anxious. You’re feeling it, but how?

If you’re not feeling anxious, fantastic! Life is good. Instead use whatever feeling that’s currently present.

You may notice that you’re feeling—sensations.

Unpleasant Sensations

If you’re not feeling any sensations, don’t worry!

Take a few more minutes, close your eyes and just feel what you feel. It may feel like a big dark, light, heavy or thin cloud in/outside of you. You’ll know that you feel that way since the feeling itself—is built up by different sensations.

Butterflies in your stomach before a presentation, heartache from a lost love in your chest or full-body tingles from a newfound friendship—these are all sensations. And we sometimes explain them as “I feel nervous” or “I feel sad” or “I’m so stoked!”.

From this perspective, everything begins with sensations that we judge as either pleasant or unpleasant. From those, we’ll explain how we feel, which eventually we put a label on. That label is usually what we call an emotion.

Sensations -> Feelings -> Emotions.

But in its simplest form, it’s all sensations.

Breaking it down from the anxiety point of view;

Unpleasant sensations -> I feel unnerved and tense -> I feel anxiety.

With pleasant sensations, there’s no problem since they’re pleasant, right?

However, unpleasant sensations are… Well, unpleasant. They also seem to want to stay despite no one extending their welcome.

The Counter-intuitive Approach

Are sensations energy? To answer yes to that question, I’d need to be able to back that up. Which I can’t.

However, treating sensations as if they were energy does in my experience yield terrific results. So that’s the perspective we’ll be operating from.

By now the idea is that anxiety in its simplest form can be explained as unpleasant sensations that’s sticking around in our body.

And whilst pleasant sensations apparently has no problem leaving, the unpleasant ones continues coming in for sleep-overs.

Why do pleasant sensations behave so differently than unpleasant?

Maybe they don’t. Maybe it’s more about how we treat them.

There’s an old saying that goes;

“what you resist, persists”

That’s by the way not an invitation to resist pleasant sensations, but rather to consider how we treat the unpleasant ones.

It’s very likely that you’re  reading this article to get away from anxiety. Chances are, it hasn’t worked very well.

What I recommend is that we completely reverse the process.

Unfolding Our Feelings

Try this;

Sit down, relax.

Feel your feelings, whatever they may be. If you can, feel all the way down to the sensations.

Now just let it be what it is, and feel.

No need to judge how you feel, or what the mind may or may not say. Simply feel.

You may notice that some sensations expand, some diminish, and some move to new places.

Let them. Allow this to be a dynamic process.

Exert zero control, just feel, and don’t hold on to any feeling.

You may think that you’re chasing your anxiety, and that you need hold on to it to unfold it, but you don’t. Sensations and feelings are never stagnant.

When you’ve done this for awhile, you may notice changes within you, regardless of what changes these are.

Now see if you can be thankful and happy for how you feel.

If that triggers more unpleasant sensations, perfect! This isn’t self-affirmation. The only purpose of being thankful and happy for your feelings, is to trigger and unfold further sensations.

Now simply feel these feelings without resistance or holding on. Be light and gentle.

Give this some time and allow yourself to approach your feelings this way. It becomes like a new “way of being” while also unfolding that stuckness within us.

You can unfold like this in your daily life, doing whatever you’re doing. You can also approach it like a meditation.

As long as you feel your feelings (sensations) lightly with no resistance and allow them to do what they do, you can unfold.

Energy Healing for Anxiety – Part 2

Whether you’re familiar with Quantum Touch or Any Other Healing Modality—you may know how to send someone energy.

If you can send energy, you can do energy healing for anxiety.

In order to help someone deal with their anxiety, you’ll naturally want to cover all the basics as well as you can.

That is, make the person feel safe and allow them to do what they’re doing.

Ask them to rate their anxiety level from 1-10 (1 being the least intense, 10 the most intense)

Now as you start sending energy to this person, send it to their brain.

I’m not implying that anxiety or mental disorders exist in the brain. I’m also not implying that they don’t.

What I’m suggesting is that you send energy to the other persons brain as this—in my experience, is extremely effective.

Every now and then, check in with them to see how they’re feeling (1-10). They may feel tingles, worsening of symptoms, relief, or nothing.

Give it some more time and see where it leads.

In my experience, if anxiety worsens, it’s usually a good signs as it tends to get worse before it gets better. If so, ask for permission to continue and keep on sending energy until things get better.

Bonus for the Energy Sensitive

If you’re able to sense pressure in others bodies and have noticed that dissolving them brings on healing—I’d call that being energy sensitive.

If so, sensing in the pressure of someone else’s anxiety and using the method of Part 1 can be tremendously healing.

It’s basically feeling the feelings for someone else.

It’s also my experience that if someone has a physical problem that won’t heal, dissolving the feelings around the issue tends to be the “missing step” that gets the healing process going.

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