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Top 3 Energy Healing Techniques

Healing yourself is connected with healing others – Yoko Ono

Energy Healing Techniques That Differ

Energy healing is energy healing, right? Well, yes and no.

While most energy healing techniques is based on the premise that everything is energy (which quantum physics theories appear to agree with), they tend to come with their own set of philosophies, backgrounds and belief-systems.

Let’s first have a look at the two opposing philosophies of this type of energy work.

Yin VS Yang Practices

While the description may sound esoteric, the practice isn’t at all.

Yin or Yang refers to the opposite philosophies.

A Yang approach refers to one of the energy healing techniques that sends energy. It usually takes effort and you make something happen. You’re the pusher—if you will.

A Yin approach refers to one of the energy healing techniques that’s softer in nature. It’s more focused on allowing the energy to flow. These practitioners tend to let the energy flow through them, or have the client enter their own peaceful state—rather than actually sending or generating anything themselves.

If the Yang technique is reaching, the Yin technique is allowing. They’re polar opposites in philosophy and application, but similar in results.

With this in mind, let’s have a look at what I believe to be the top 3 most effective energy healing techniques.

1. Quantum Touch

Quantum Touch is one of the yang-style energy healing techniques that’s gained world-wide popularity due to its ease of use and incredible results.

Quantum Touch uses a combination of breath, awareness and intention in order to facilitate the healing.

It’s one of the more pragmatic energy healing techniques out there that prefers to focus on the “how-to” that generates the results directly, and having the “why’s” come in second place.

The reason why I place Quantum Touch as the nr 1 healing technique is for 3 reasons:

  1. It’s extremely easy to learn.
  2. Results can be demonstrated instantly.
  3. It doesn’t come with a belief-system.

While some energy healing techniques may refer to angelic powers, attunements and the likes, Quantum Touch sticks to its pragmatic approach of breathing, awareness and intent while openly admitting not to know why certain things work the way they do.

One of the more astonishing things that can be accomplished with Quantum Touch, and instantly demonstrated—is something called Spontaneous Postural Alignment (SPA).

SPA refers to correcting someones bones, such as hips, with a light or no touch. Something that’s very visible to the eye and normally deemed impossible.

Learn More About Quantum Touch Here.

2. The Wonder Method

The Wonder Method is one of the Yin-style energy healing techniques.

Unlike Quantum Touch, it doesn’t use intense focus, generate or send energy.

Instead, The Wonder Method has the user enter a deep state of wonder (a highly peaceful state). Whilst in this quiet state, the client is invited into the peace which opens the client up and results in healing.

The great benefit with The Wonder Method is that it works equally well on emotions as physical ailments. Most people who do healing for awhile tend to come to the conclusion that the root of most of our hurts and diseases come from our emotions (which is why chronic stress can be regarded as an epidemic).

Another beauty of this energy healing technique is that once you’re proficient in it, you’re able to walk around with a light but constant healing for your emotions, referred to emotional processing.

The downfall of the technique is that it’s a bit counter-intuitive and harder to learn.

I read the book 6 times and benefited greatly from it, yet learned more from taking a single lesson from the author himself in one of his classes.

Learn More About The Wonder Method Here.

3. Reiki

Perhaps the most well-known of all the energy healing techniques. Yin in its style, this world-renowned technique is currently practiced by over 4,000,000 people, and its presence in hospitals continue to increase.

I have personally never practiced Reiki, but have experienced its effects in several sessions.

If Quantum Touch is the pragmatic approach to energy healing, Reiki is definitely the more spiritual approach—for better or worse.

The idea behind Reiki is to become attuned by a master.

Attunement—pretty much meaning that you’ll need to attend a workshop and have someone initiate you to the energy, which is said to open up your pathways that’ll allow you to heal and facilitate healing.

The great benefit with Reiki is that it’s very well-known and accessable. Chances are that there’s Reiki healing being facilitated near you.

The downfall would be requirements to get started. It’ll take time and also cost you. It does come with its set of belief-system as well.

Learn More About Reiki Here.

Energy Healing Techniques Concluded

For beginners, I tend to veer them towards Quantum Touch due to its simplicity and pragmatic nature.

To those who’ve never tried it out but are aware of Reiki—it may be worth knowing that Quantum Touch has been referred to as Reiki on Steroids. Since I’ve never practiced Reiki, I can’t tell if there’s any truth in that though, but it may be interesting for you to find out.

And for those with a little experience, or who’re primarily interested in emotional healing—I strongly recommend that you check out The Wonder Method.

Whichever of the Energy Healing Techniques you decide to dive into, you can’t go wrong!

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