Buddha Energy

Experiencing the Buddha Energy

“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without” – Buddha

The Great Aura of Stillness

There are many stories of Siddhārtha Gautama, known to us who do not put strange symbols above the letters, as Buddha.

Some tell the tale of a man who upon awakening was forever grinning—because of being in a constant state of orgasm.

Others described him as having a massive energetic aura with a halo on top, nothing like what the other monks had ever seen.

While travelling in Thailand and waiting for my flight in Bangkok, I sat across a monk—slurping away at his Frappucino.

Having learned how to open myself up to others energies using The Wonder Method, I decided to open up and let his energies in to see if there was any noticeable difference compared to the other people around.

Buddha Energy – Stillness?

I was surprised to feel two things that instantly stood out.

  1. His energy was about 5 times stronger than the average person.
  2. The energy was very still and calm, almost like the flow had come to an abrupt end, or at times moved in slowmotion.

Was I making this all up? I expected a difference, but I didn’t expect such a massively striking difference in sensation—almost overwhelming.

I decided to open up and let other peoples energies in to sense what they felt like for direct comparisons. But it remained experientially true—their energies were far weaker and faster moving.

I could not help but think that, if life could just for a moment turn into The Sims, and I would be allowed to put him in a box and 20 other people around in separate boxes to sense them out—that would have been really, REALLY interesting.

But life isn’t The Sims it seems, unless there’s any new conspiracy theories roaming around that I haven’t heard of.

What Does It Mean?

I have absolutely no idea. A lot of meditation seem to focus heavily on calming the energies, stilling the mind—and the flow. The results appear to be mindfulness and calmness.

However, simply focusing on ones breath lightly is also a fantastic way to get the energies moving, if the energies are not stifled by force.

Do we want to focus on Stillness or Flow? Is it possible to have both?

In my experience it is, but they are achieved by different methods.

Check out the differences and discussion on Yang vs Yin models here.


While I still appear to be in the infancy stages of energy sensing development, it’s fascinating to notice the subtleties increasingly reveal themselves. Sensing the Buddha energy if you will, was fascinating.

Whenever any healing is done, I appear to sense when the damaged area or emotion shifts or unfolds, which seem to coincide with the receivers experience.

However, I still seem unable to reliably sense specific parts of people, such as noticing where one may have pain or be hurt.

Having witnessed and experienced others do that, it appears to be a trainable skill just like anything else.

And the key, just like creating music of sporting—seem to lie in the subtleties.

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