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How to Heal Food Poisoning With Energy Healing

“We are healed of a suffering only by experiencing it to the full” – Marcel Proust

While there’s a plethora of different ways to combat food poisoning, we’ll be looking at how to heal food poisoning using energy healing.

This article Assumes That You Know What Energy Healing Is and also Have An Energy Healing Modality At Hand.

With those prerequisites in place, let’s find out how to heal food poisoning!

What Works and What Should Work

Food poisoning in its simplicity is when you eat contaminated food and your body reacts to it.

The reactions tend to consist of stomach aches, puking, nausea and sometimes even fever.

Chances are that you’ve had a first-hand experience of it at some point in your life—and since I’m currently travelling Asia full-time—me and my weak westerner-stomach are no strangers to it.

While the natural inclination to most healings is to find the problem area and open/send energy while focusing on that place, this doesn’t always prove to be the most effective route.

Similarly to how people experiencing back pain may get relief from relieving tension in their glutes or hamstrings rather than their back—figuring out how to heal food poisoning seem to respond well to that same methodology.

Aiming Higher

While sitting in a tent in Laos Nam Ngum, I felt the sudden uncomfortable chills embracing my stomach. I knew what this meant—the inevitability of endless vomiting and a sleepless night.

Not my favorite substitute for sleep.

I had tried using energy healing before to combat food poisoning while in Thailand’s Chiang Mai—but that mostly yielded me emotional relief (not a bad benefit at all though).

While my previous attempts had focused on healing the stomach, it seemed to do little to alleviate the nausea and pain.

However, as I noticed tension residing higher up in my body, I tried aiming the healing towards the celiac/solar plexus area.

how to heal food poisoning

To my great surprise, after just 10 minutes of healing—the nausea and stomach pains went away! I went to bed and had a great nights sleep.

Upon waking up, I felt very refreshed. It should be noted though that I had a great friend who sent some healing along the way as well while I was sleeping—which may be the result of waking up so refreshed.

He remarked that there was some tension around the guts that was moving upwards like slow waves around the esophagus area.

how to heal food poisoning esophagus

My partner was equally unfortunate to be food poisoned.

Any attempts at healing it had brought little more than temporary pain relief during the time of actual healing.

Whenever I’d stop (even if just to try see what happens, my keen-to-experiment mind just can’t help it!) I’d hear her yell “don’t stop!” within the same second.

I aimed the healing towards the solar plexus area for an hour and she had a remarkable improvement of 80%! (her estimation).


While this most definitely is not the final word on how to heal food poisoning through energy healing—it is an invitation to further explorations.

We both noticed diminished symptoms creep up on us the coming days—but they were quickly dissolved using the above method.

Clearly it’s great at symptomatic relief but doesn’t necessarily take away the core cause.

It’s at any rate an invaluable tool/knowledge to have should the situation appear.

If you get to use the above method (hopefully you won’t need it) I’d love to hear your feedback.

If you find any additional helpful areas or effective methods I’d be happy to update the article with it.

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