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Sensing Energy – Is It Possible?

As we allow our sensations to be experienced, our orientation shifts from achieving for the sake of achieving, to living a life that brings fulfillment. This leads to true happiness.  ~Alain & Jody Herriott

Sensing Energy: Fact or Fiction?

Before we start digging into the topic and exploring the possibilities of sensing energy, we need to lay the groundwork foundation:

What exactly is Energy Healing?

If this topic isn’t new to you and you’ve been around the topic before—it’s safe to proceed!

Well, Can You?

I’ve been around energy healing for a couple of years, and have read and practiced everything with the name Quantum Touch on it.

I’ve also taken classes with Alain Herriott, level 1 and 2 to learn The Wonder Method.

Experientially, energy healing to me remains a fact. Results never cease to amaze, but that’s not what this article is about.

I personally cannot seem to sense energy in the way than many others claim to be able to.

When being on the phone with Alain Herriott, I would put my focus somewhere in my body, and he could instantly tell where it was. And that was over the phone!

Similarly, the second my focus would sway, he would notice, and correct it. This blew my mind.

I’ve recently been reading the book The Energy Healing Experiments: Science Reveals Our Natural Power to Heal.

It contains some very interesting experiments. One that really caught my interest was the one where you get to practice sensing energy by someone holding a hand over your right or left hand, while you’re blindfolded. Then you try to guess which one and do this over a trial of 24 attempts.

Personally, I could not get any significant results. At best, I’d land at around 12 out of 24 correct guesses, or worse.

The Deck of Cards Experiment

In order not to bother my partner too much with my magical curiosity, I decided to start using the Deck of Cards Experiment.

It’s a very simple test where you shuffle a deck of cards, then one card at a time hold it out in front of you, backside facing you, and try to guess if it’s a red or black card.

Sensing energy from cards may not make as much sense as one of the experiments in the book—a man who claimed he could guess which box had a crystal, and which didn’t. He scored an astonishing 95% accuracy during hundreds of trials!

Perhaps a deck of cards, or rather, the different colors—don’t contain the same energy?

Regardless, Alain Herriott claimed he could correctly guess the color of the cards (don’t know his accuracy though) so I’ve decided to see if it’s a trainable skill.

The Results

It’s far from impressive:

The test scores are as follows:


29 out of 52 = 0.558 score

28 out of 52 = 0.538 score

22 out of 52 = 0.423 (this one was done with haste, interestingly)

27 out of 52 = 0.519

26 out of 52 = 0.5


26 out of 52 = 0.5

Try It

The test is simple. The correct guesses are put in a pile to the right, and the wrong, in a pile to the left.

Simply calculate how many correct guesses you got, and put the score into this calculator.

“Number of possible outcomes” is set to 52

“Number of events occured” is where you write your correctly guessed score.

26 out of 26 will give a score of 0.5, which means that it’s at 50% chance.

In order for it to be statistically significant, the score needs to be at least 0.65 (65%) correctly guessed.

Odds are that we’ll reach it eventually. But it only starts getting really interesting if we can repeatably replicate such high success scores.

That’d mean that we’ve been successful at sensing energy—presumably, at some level!

I’ll keep you updated with the practice. If you decide to give it a try as well, let me know.

Sensing Energy – Conclusions

Interestingly, I can often cure a headache from a 8 in pain scale (1 being very little, 10 being a lot of pain) down to a 1-3 in a couple of minutes using energy healing. This is nothing new.

But sensing energy, this is something I’ve not been able to grasp yet, while some people appear very proficient at it.

Let me know if you decide to take the test, and how you score!


While sensing materials with certainty still eludes me, sensing other people has become increasingly easy.

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