top 5 things wrong energy healing

Top 5 Things People Get Wrong About Energy Healing

“The greater the doubt, the greater the awakening” – Albert Einstein

Have you ever been in a group setting when the mass found out there was a vegan among them?

You may recall how the sky suddenly opened up and slowly descended diplomas of nutrition into the hands of the now hungry-to-teach crowd.

Energy healing can be quite a similar experience.

Whilst it always comes from a good place of heart—there tends to be certain topics where we sort of “set and forget” what we’ve heard, and accept it as the way it must be.

Let’s look at some of the most common misconceptions that laymen have about energy healing.

1. There’s no evidence

While there’s plenty of well-designed studies available, energy healing is one of those areas that really could use some additional research funding (like postpartum care and male contraceptives).

Here’s a list of 16 studies that proves energy healing is real.

Studying the subtle is no easy task. Similarly to how our belief-systems changed once the microscope was invented and we could start studying cells and bacteria—energy healing may have a long way to go before it’s properly recognised.

That’s no excuse not to start taking advantage of its benefits already today though. Both for ourselves and others.

Though science as a tool is still bound to human error—it’s an amazing tool nevertheless. It allows us to test theories and develop through calculated repeatable results.

I wouldn’t want to get on a flight that “seems like it might fly well” but hasn’t been properly tested and verified. Would you?

I recommend that we use science as the amazing tool that it is, and not let it limit us from what it currently cannot do.

2. Energy healing is a rare and unique skill

While talent (however we might define that) certainly can be a factor just like in anything—I’ve found that energy healing is a completely learnable skill.

Guitar playing or singing isn’t for the chosen few right? Though it may sometimes feel that way…

There are many different modalities available with plenty of different philosophies. In the end what they all have in common is that they’re learnable skills. Some harder than others.

Learn more about the top 3 energy healing techniques.

Many skeptical people (me included) who started exploring energy healing quickly found out that results are very close within a little practice’s reach. Repeatable results.

3. Energy healing is a deeply spiritual practice

It certainly can be if you’d like it to be.

But there’s also far more pragmatic approaches like Quantum Touch.

This modality uses breath, awareness and intent. That’s it. As straight forward as eating beans out of a jar.

Then there’s the most common modality of them all—Reiki.

It’s said to use universal life-force energy for healing, guided by a higher intelligence.

It’s attunement consists of having a Reiki master write in certain symbols to open up your energetic pathways.

Spiritual enough, right?

4. Energy healing is for those in need

While it’s easy to see energy healing as a “medical service”, it’s a quite a limited view.

Similarly to working out not being limited to a tool for obesity, you’ll often find that those who do work out and get in shape—often become hooked to it.

Over time the practice becomes more of a wellness and health practice rather than a problem to be fixed.

Energy healing works the same. While many are often hooked on how it may have healed pains and/or problems—they often stay for its pleasant health-increasing use.

5. Energy healing will never beat western medicine

The only thing skeptics and practitioners seem to agree on is that energy healing doesn’t appear to be doing any harm.

If I was walking around with chronic pain and I had the options between energy healing and medicine, I’d go with the first since it’s the one devoid of side effects.

With that said, if I get my arm chopped off or lose a finger, energy healing isn’t really the first thing that comes to mind.

The two systems completely complement each other and shouldn’t stand in opposition.

Since there’s very little funding going into energy healing research—and hospitals (thankfully) have very high demands before accepting new practices, it’s easy to see why energy healing isn’t mainstream practice today.

What’s a pity is having the body of available research that’s been conducted—just sitting there and not being properly explored for further research.

In the end there’s a great chance that many of the side effects people are enduring today—will be rendered obsolete over time.

It’s my hope and aspiration with this website to bring forth the amazing potential that energy healing has, to as many people as possible—without any dogma or needlessly ingrained belief-system.

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