What does healing mean?

What Does Healing Mean?

There are no facts, only interpretations.

Friedrich Nietzsche

The minute you enter the unconventional realms of energy healing and spirituality, you’ll hear phrases like…

“I want to be healed”


“I’m looking to progress spiritually”.

But what do they really mean?

I’ve definitely been guilty of throwing such phrases around too without taking the time to ponder their meanings.

Quite ironic since I run a website with the word “healer” in it.

To be clear, the meaning will vary from person to person–but having figured out my interpretations, you may come to agree or at least get some insights into your own view of the matter.

The Common Definition

To most people, healing means to be cured–returning to its original state.

For example, if you’ve got a rash and heal it, the healed result would be returning to the healthy skin it had previously to the rash.

I strongly disagree with this definition.

Firstly, even putting a physical symptom through the mere lens of a physical cure is a simplification at best.

We’re holistic beings, everything is interconnected physically, mentally and spiritually (don’t worry we’ll get to these words soon!).

For example, you may have a rash that you hate–but coming to accept it as a part of you is in my opinion another way to be healed.

In this view we can heal without ever returning to an original state.

My Definition of Healing

To put it bluntly, healing means positive change.

The idea of an “original state” is a fallacy, there is no such thing as returning to a state.

Everything is constantly changing and you may return to a similar state, but I’d dare proclaim that “positive change” is a broader and more effective definition than cure/returning to original state.

The way I see it, there are three main areas of healing that constantly overlap and color our world view.

Those are:




With “positive change”as the definition of healing, let’s explore how they translate to the different areas of our lives.

Physical Healing

Physical healing means to have a desirable change in a physical symptom.

If you’ve got an undesirable rash and that rash becomes smaller, I’d say that you’ve experienced healing–regardless of what we attribute it to.

If that rash became less itchy, less swollen etc–those would all be signs of healing as long as the change was perceived as something positive.

A good example is of my Varicose Veins Experiment that I did using The Wonder Method.

Mental Healing

Healing comes in different shapes and forms and in my opinion isn’t limited to positive change in physical symptoms.

Sticking with our rash example, if you’ve got a rash that you dislike and that bothers you–and you find your relationship to it positively change, that to me is healing.

Mental healing means a positive change in the relationship to the perceived issue.

The physical symptoms may be identical, but your relationship to it can completely transform.

If it now bothers you less, you had some healing.

If it no longer bothers you at all–you had a lot of healing!

Spiritual Healing

If you’ve spent some time on this site you may have read the article The Nature of Reality where I make a strong case as to why Consciousness must be primary (not the brain) and why our common materialistic view is limited.

This background will be important to understand how I view spiritual healing.

Spiritual healing means a positive change in your identification.

Must of us view ourselves as the totality of our bodies and mind–but consciousness is that which observes and witnesses the body and mind.

That consciousness is you.

And it is not limited to a brain.

We all walk around with different belief systems that results in us playing a certain role in life.

That’s both healthy and necessary in our society.

But while some may be decently comfortable with defining themselves by their profession (at least for awhile), issues start to arise when there’s a disease such as cancer for example.

And now the new role is that of a cancer patient.

Or a victim.

Or someone dying.

Or someone fighting in recovery.

Spiritual healing would be the insight that you are not limited to what’s happening in your body or mind.

Those are all merely contents illuminated by consciousness.

Understanding that you are beyond that, can be a tremendously healing experience.

Despite still having the same physical and mental relationship to your disease.

Once this insight is realised, the most common scenario is that a person will jump in and out of identifying with the body/mind and identifying with consciousness.

Nevertheless, changing your identification from what you think you are to what you actually are is my definition of spiritual healing.

It’s tremendously healing as it covers a lot of ground.


You may or may not agree with my definitions, but at the very least I hope this has given you some food for thought.

These three different areas of healing (positive change):

Physical: Symptoms change.

Mental: Relationship change.

Spiritual: Identification change.

Are always overlapping and constantly changing in different degrees.

If you’d like to learn a tool to affect all 3 of these areas in yourself and others:

I strongly recommend that you learn more about Energy Healing here!

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Dr Amina Shaaban, MD
Dr Amina Shaaban, MD
5 months ago

Hi Robin,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on meaning of healing.
It is making sense to me, I feel this description
• is empowering the patient.
• It is holistic, open minded and broader

Dr Amina Shaaban, MD
Forensic Physician & Wellbeing Coach